Titanic tourist sub photographs show wreckage onshore.

Meta description: For the first time since the tragedy, pieces of the tourist submersible that exploded on a deep dive to the Titanic have been uncovered. Stunning new photos taken by a tourist submersible show the ghostly remains of the RMS Titanic on the ocean below. The photographs provide a fascinating look into the wreckage […]

 James Cameron, the director of Titanic, claims OceanGate cheated

Meta description: The Titanic blockbuster movie’s famed director, James Cameron, has lately accused OceanGate of deceit. Surprisingly, renowned deep-sea explorer and director James Cameron has criticized OceanGate, an industry leader in manned submersible technology. The famous director of the iconic film “Titanic” and his deep-sea excursions, Cameron, has accused OceanGate of cutting corners in their […]