Conor McGregor denies sexually assaulting woman after NBA Finals game

Meta Description:Following the game in the NBA Finals, a woman claims she was sexually assaulted by UFC fighter Conor McGregor; McGregor rejects the charges. A lady has accused the UFC fighter Conor McGregor of sexually abusing her after an NBA Finals game, which is a disturbing claim that has just come to light. It has […]

Trump called an indicted president a “constitutional crisis.”

Meta description:According to Trump, a president who is under investigation,  would cause a “constitutional crisis.” A fresh argument has been sparked by former president Donald Trump’s claim that the indictment of a serving president would result in a “constitutional crisis.” His remarks come as debates between lawyers and politicians alike center on whether or not […]

US investigators target Trump election-plot lawyer John Eastman

Meta description:US investigators are focusing on John Eastman, a lawyer for Donald Trump who allegedly conspired to sabotage the 2016 election. The investigation of famed attorney John Eastman, who was central to the contentious attempts to overturn the 2020 US Presidential election results, has been stepped up in the United States. Authorities are looking into […]

Three Pakistani Army Officers Fired Over May Protests In Pakistan

Meta description:The government of Pakistan has shown its dedication to accountability and discipline by firing military personnel who were allegedly involved in the May demonstrations.Pakistani capital Islamabad – An probe into the role of three Pakistani army commanders in the protest that shook the country in May has resulted in their dismissal. The government of […]