Secret Service Investigating Cocaine at White House

Meta description:The Secret Service Is Investigating How Cocaine May Have Made Its Way Into the White House Suspected cocaine was found at the White House, prompting the United States Secret Service to inquire about security lapses. Concerns have been raised about how the illegal chemicals got into one of the country’s most secure facilities in […]

Trump’s US election legislation rejected forever

Meta description:A definitive no to Donald Trump’s rewrite of election law in the United States The version of US election legislation suggested by former President Donald Trump has been soundly defeated, thereby ending its pursuit as a legislative possibility. The decision, hailed with relief and condemnation, is a major turning point in the continuing discussion […]

Trump’s GOP majority has America ready for a caustic campaign

Meta description:The United States is getting ready for a contentious election despite Trump’s domination of the Republican field. As the next election cycle approaches, Americans are ready for what may be an extremely divisive and caustic campaign due to the power of former President Donald Trump inside the Republican Party. The political landscape is being […]

 The US State expects passport waits to return to pre-pandemic norms by year’s end

Meta description:Passport processing times will not return to pre-pandemic norms until December, according to the US Department of State. Passport processing times will remain higher than before the epidemic, according to a recent United States Department of State declaration. Many Americans hoped to get their passports as soon as limitations were lifted to resume overseas […]

Trump called an indicted president a “constitutional crisis.”

Meta description:According to Trump, a president who is under investigation,  would cause a “constitutional crisis.” A fresh argument has been sparked by former president Donald Trump’s claim that the indictment of a serving president would result in a “constitutional crisis.” His remarks come as debates between lawyers and politicians alike center on whether or not […]

US investigators target Trump election-plot lawyer John Eastman

Meta description:US investigators are focusing on John Eastman, a lawyer for Donald Trump who allegedly conspired to sabotage the 2016 election. The investigation of famed attorney John Eastman, who was central to the contentious attempts to overturn the 2020 US Presidential election results, has been stepped up in the United States. Authorities are looking into […]

What has changed to make congress control so tenuous

Investigate the changing dynamics that are taking place in Congress as the power balances grow more precariou It is becoming more difficult for any party to have a solid hold on authority within the chambers of Congress as a result of changing dynamics and a developing political environment, both of which make it difficult for […]